Samana Records was founded in the year 2009. The label was founded by Swaroop Guhathakurta, the owner of SGDesigns ( After receiving much acclaim as a digital artist in the psytrance genre, SGDesigns decided to extend their contribution to the genre by starting a record label. The label was born in the UAE but has its roots in India. However, it must be noted that the label caters to all electronic dance music and is not limited to psytrance.

Our main aim is to release EDM of all genres to the masses. Electronic music is evolving. However, there is a a gap in terms of music that is commercially recognised and the genre that is called underground. Our aim is to bridge this gap and release a mixture of commercial & underground music for the masses. We plan to release a mixture of sounds in the form of various artists compilations. would introduce new artists within these compilations, ensuring hidden talent get exposure. We also plan on exposing hidden talent by releasing albums, showcasing new sounds of EDM.

All our tracks are carefully hand-picked, ensuring a blend of styles within each of our release. We hope you, as a consumer, are ready to taste the goodness of our rich, unique and astonishing sound.

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